Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wedding Update.. 3 More Days To Go

Yippie! Had my facial done this evening. My next door neighbour, Auntie Zaza has facial equipment in her house. So I don't need to go far just climb the fence.. kidding!

Went there at 2pm. She started with massaging my face.. it was so nice.. and very relaxing. Seriously I don't remember when was the last time I had my facial done. She told me I had so many blackheads on my nose. Hehe.. I am so very lazy to clean it *blush*. When she pulled it out, it hurts a bit. She advised me I should do it once a month. Once a month??!! Errr.. I will try.

Later, had my steamed session. I fell asleep.. haha.. and fell asleep again when she put masker on my face. Very nice!! It cost me RM35. My small boy was there 15 minutes before I'm done. He said 'Mom, you're beautiful'. Awww.. I can feel my face is smooth, and no more blackheads.

I planned to pack my clothes later after my facial, but due to the cloudy whether and rain.. I choose to sleep. Hehe.. my body aching not sure why. Could it be because my full moon later?
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