Thursday, 2 September 2010

She Feels, She Says

There are times it's not always lovey dovey and mushy. Not everything is perfect and romantic all the time. Have had tough times and differences too, but not knowing when actually it could hurt the most.

Wonder where it goes when we used to talked about everything. Why do I feel that we are not now? Maybe I think and wonder too much.

She's not good with words,
She feels all she did was a OK,
She think it is a teasing joke she could play,
She don't know why she typed all this when..
She actually has to say it in front,
She could not hold the tears,
She would remain silent,
Knowing it might get worse.

What hurt the most?
Knowing the one you love hurt because of you.

She just remembered,
In love there are times when we are too happy,
There are days we will feel low.
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