Saturday, 25 September 2010

Yesterday's Wedding Update.. 24 Hour Before

OMG!OMG! Another 24 hour I'm getting married. I should blogged about it yesterday, but I am too super busy and tired.

Yes, I have been cleaning, cooking and driving here and there. Which, in our custom the bride were not allowed to do all that. Older people said it is to avoid something bad happen. But, in my case.. I have to do almost everything myself. I pray hard, nothing bad would happen. So far, alhamdulillah.

I had become a BRIDEZILLA yesterday. First, my father told me the tent will only be up Saturday morning. They thought the wedding will be on Sunday. Excuse me!! That is someone else's wedding. Plus, they said it's raining. My father said it's ok if they wanted to send on Saturday morning. I said NO! I want it by this evening!!!! My father said, what to do.. I told him he should've said, send it today no matter what.

When my father went to service my car, a lorry came with the tent. I said to myself, they must have heard me from far!!!! The power of BRIDEZILLA.. It was already cloudy and soon rain started to pour. They have to stopped for a while.

1st tent

2nd tent
Previously, I had asked my brother to drove me to Secret Recipe to pick up my cake. And right after that went to Auntie Yan's house to pick up the 'hantaran'. The 'sirih junjung' will only be ready Saturday morning. To keep it fresh.

Pheww! At night, I have packed and ironed my dress together with my small man's stuff. I also had put some henna on my fingers and toes. I wanted to do the traditional way but it did not worked. So, I have to use the modern one which is using the henna from tube, with the help of my younger sister.

Yes, I am done for the day.
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