Monday, 11 October 2010


Just another day, 10.10.10. Many of us view it as special day. Especially those who married on this date. I admit, sometimes I do feel date is important hehe.. We used to decide we wanted to get married on this date. After long talk and discussion and considering everything, we chose 25th September 2010. The date when we started dating.

It seems like only yesterday, we talked about 08.08.088, 09.09.09 and now this.. 10.10.10. I bet next year, 11.11.11 and the next year 12.12.12, would be another day we would talked about around globe.

So yesterday, Malaysians viewer watched wedding of the year. Our first Malaysian astronaut Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor with Dr. Halina Mohd Yunos at PICC, Putrajaya. They called it 'Persandingan Kayangan'. We watched their live wedding on TV3. I love her dress, beautiful and gorgeous. I feel like I wanted to do again the wedding ceremony. Mr. Fruitheart said, we can. But only on our 50th anniversary. That's sure a long time honey.

Some of us celebrated wedding, and some might celebrated with new additional family members. Babies of course! So far I have not heard or received news if my friends had delivered new baby. It sure nice to have a nice date for birthday huh?

One of my cousin also got engaged on this date. So I was really busy this two days, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night, MFIL cousins visited us and late at night around 11.30 we reached my mother's house. We were both exhausted. I don't feel I have weekend! Came back to KL on Monday morning after we collected our letter of marriage. Sent Mr. Fruitheart to work, me and my small man headed home. I of course work from home, MIL went to Kuala Selangor. Oh boy I was so sleepy now.

Aha and one thing for sure I missed was the La Senza 10.10.10 promotion! Ughh..!!
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