Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. ~Winston Churchill

I can say it is SO TRUE! It will be a never ending stories when we talked about people's attitude.

Both positive and negative employees’ attitudes travel quickly in the workplace. Working around positive persons is a delightful and exciting experience. He/she can make you feel more motivated. Likewise, working near a negative person is very likely to cause you to turn negative. A positive work environment speaks its merits for itself. It is obvious from noticing the productivity and efficiency of workers who not produce at a high level but also makes it easier for others on the team to stay positive and produce more. In the same manner, negative workers can turn others negative.

Very well said up there huh? Ok, I have to admit here sometimes I do have problems with other people attitude. I mean bad ones. Tell me who doesn't?? I feel annoyed. I may not have the courage to tell the person directly to their face, but you can surely tell by how I'm behaving. I have the I-don't-like-you face. That's what I have been told by my friend.

Sometimes we complained, but have we ever think if we're in that person shoe? How does it feel? How can we do it? Can we do everything?

Some of your attitude affects people around you. Just before you talked bad things about others, take a look at yourself first. Maybe you didn't realized that you also had it. I'll take note of that to myself as well. In addition it is undoubtedly, none of us can remain positive all the time. I too have my own bad ones. *blush*

P/S: Just another day at work.
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