Sunday, 31 October 2010

Home Sweet Home

We were back home to Salak Tinggi. Arrived at 11pm Saturday night after family gathering on Mr. Fruitheart's side. First we thought of going back on Sunday morning, but Mr. Fruitheart changed his mind. He said, it's cosy to drive at night rather than morning, it's a bit hot. Plus, he said I was homesick.

I was ok with that, since he had to service his car too.

I cooked a lot of dishes during lunch. Fish, meat and chicken. Wow! I can't believed it myself. Done in two hours. The taste? Hmm.. responses: I need to put a bit less this, much of that, need to put more this, need to less that. I'll take that as positive complaints. My dad and my small boy ate twice! I am very happy yes I am. Mr. Fruitheart ate a lot too, even though he did not said, 'Pandai isteri abang masak'.

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