Monday, 4 October 2010

Goodbye Honeymoon Day 4

Woke up at 7.30am. Packed all our things inside the tiny bag. We do need a bigger bag next time. Don't have enough time for breakfast, because our taxi which actually a minivan that can accommodate 12 people, picked us up at 8am. The taxi was already at the security guardhouse when we checked out. There were another two couples inside the minivan.

This time, the journey to Krabi Airport took us 1 hour 30 mins. The driver drove so fast that makes me feel I'm riding a roller coaster! We had our refreshments at a nearby cafe. The sales girl had mistakenly Mr. Fruitheart as local Thai people and had actually spoken Thai language with him.

We have to wait at the airport for2 hours before our flight arrived. And once again, I had manicure pedicure session while Mr. Fruitheart had foot massage.

Our flight AK805 departed from the airport at 3pm. Touchdown at LCCT 1 hour 20 mins later. There goes our vacation honeymoon, back to work on Monday for Mr. Fruitheart and Tuesday for me. Next countdown is Langkawi in December.. wohoo!
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