Monday, 25 October 2010

Leaving My Boys

Ahhh.. It's Monday again. Finally we had some weekend at home yesterday. But still, I didn't get my afternoon nap. After lunch Mr. Fruitheart said.. after this it's your favourite time right? Yes! Yes! Ended up watching movie Knight and Day. Duh!

So today, mommy went to work leaving the two boys at home. Mr. Fruitheart is on leave, tired working maybe. 7am my small man already awake. They sent me to work and it was the first time my small man stucked in traffic jam so early morning. Boy he was complaining all the way. Haha.. Reached office around 8. They even said to me 'Be good' before I left the car. Huh! I am always good.

I hope the house will not be like sinking messy Black Pearl ship later when I came back from work.

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