Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Maroon Day

It's the day when everyone is wearing their maroon shirt. Except me. I feel like.. newbie? Alien? It's the open day for our department. The actual event will be held some other level, so no one is coming to the upper floor.

When they sent out the email, I was away thousand miles from home. Been to my own remote island, Krabi. Don't expect me to check my office mail. No no.. those days were left long time ago. If anyone asked, I would say.. I am the left out employee haha.. Oh wait..! I shall say, I am special.

I remembered few years ago in my previous company, we were given orange shirt. Just because the top management is trying to win a contract. So when the customer came for a visit, they would be amazed. Duh!! It's not striking orange, but oh boy some people don't look good in it ok. Sometimes, those people who chose the color don't think would it look good on others? Selfish!

Maroon? Hmm.. I believe it suits better than ORANGE. I have been asked what my shirt size is, and of course they don't have anymore S. Left only XL and XXL and XXXL. I can wear it, but to bed only. Making it as my pyjama. So I will sit down quietly at my cubical. Just realized, there's few people also not wearing it.

P/S: SO WHAT if I don't wear it?!
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