Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Me.. At Work

After two weeks off I am back to the office, I guess you all know how so very lazy I am. Woke up early at 6, prepared breakfast for Mr. Fruitheart and small man. Shhh!! Don't laugh or say a word. Still new to it ok hehe..

Another new thing I will get used to is the bad traffic congestion! It really can make your blood go up. I tell you, with the bad Malaysian drivers attitude, you can die of cursing. The journey to the office which took you 20 minutes can be 1 hour. How frustrating and ridiculous is that?!

Told my small man to be very good boy with grandma. I do worry about him, but I know he will be just fine. I planned to work from home after lunch, but it depends. If he is ok, then I am ok too. I called home twice to checked on him. Poor Ringgo! The cat of course, my small man had been chasing him around.. haha. He's quite bored, got no friends to play with him except the cat. Soon when you start schooling son, you won't get bored.

In the office, my god! So many work.. ughh! So many colors too, amber, red, black. I'm talking about SLA's color. Stressed! Not enough man power.. but sharp at 6pm, packed my things and went straight back home. No no.. I'm not that hardworking to the extend I want to stay 5 mins after 6. Hope for better day tomorrow. Wednesday, either you're being productive or lazy hehe.

A note to myself: it's hard to find people who are being honest and true to you. Lots of people likes to talk about you behind your back.. be it good things or bad things. I'll share when I want to share, what I want to share. If you're not getting anything from me, then too bad.. you're in my I-cannot-believe-you-list.
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