Monday, 4 October 2010

Me.. A Wife

10 days being Mrs. Nizam.. already?? Hehe.. yes, it has been 10 days my friend. New house, new environment, new title - A WIFE, new family members and new additional task haha.. Tomorrow only I will be back to work. Hmm.. definitely lazy after 2 weeks vacation. I think I still remember how to switch on  my PC at the office.

Now I'm staying at MIL, until our house at TTDI is fully ready. I have been cleaning, re-arranging both our room and my small man's room for two days. I know, it will never end! Sampai sakit pinggang turun naik tangga. Today's lunch, goreng ikan bawal and masak sayur. My mother in law cooked fish curry. Err.. I masih lagi dalam mode menyesuaikan diri. So nak tunjuk skill memasak tu belum lagi lah kan.

Alhamdulillah, my small man can sleep by himself in his new room. He is also trying to adapt with the new environment. Hopefully, when I go to work tomorrow he will be alright I know, he will be just fine on his own as usual. He just need 'a friend' to play with. He did asked for a baby girl and brother faster. Haha.. I really don't know how he knows when I am married, he will get a brother or sister later. LOL! Kids nowadays. Patience my son, just enjoy the moment when you are still the only child.
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