Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Hobbies

A hobby is an activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one's leisure time. (from wikipedia)

I believe I still have my old hobbies which are; reading, watching movies, window shopping, afternoon nap, lazying in front of TV and surfing the net for hours! Hah! Now I believe all of these new hobbies had taken over:

Cooking (making breakfast most of the time), washing, cleaning, pampering, ironing. Used to do for one, now make it triple. OK, I know all housewives and working mother also do that. I am not complaining. Just that I spent more time on each of that. And I have lesser time for my other 'hobbies'. You get what I mean?

When I get tired, I like to go straight to bed. It is the best! I can do the reading, surfing the net or watching TV later. Or next day or when I have time. Haha.. sounds sad huh?

I remember a friend of mine once told me, when you're a mother and wife, there is no ME time. Just when you want it, then you have some 'mom' task to do. So that is consider your 'ME' time.

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