Thursday, 14 October 2010

My Thursday

So many things I did today. Continued shopping to KLCC. Went to Isetan and Parkson, searching for track bottom. It's for my adventure day this Saturday.

Yesterday I've been to Pavillion to search for it, didn't found any within my budget. All above RM100. It is the middle of the month, so I need to really careful with my spending. I guess, I will have to search at JJ later. Oh yea, forgot to mention Isetan and Parkson, they have SALE! Just when I don't have enough cash, you guys hang up all the 50% discount banner. Grrrr!!

Sadly, I have missed the 10-10-10 sale from La Senza the other day, and today they sent me another text message about the 30% off. Aaaaaaaaaaa.. temptation is everywhere!

So the money that was meant for the track bottom has been used to renew my driving license. It expired on 22nd September 2010! Just realized it yesterday. Haha.. totally forgot. Went to the nearest post office and renew it there. Done within 10 minutes. Great. Lucky enough I had not met any police traffic officer.

Next, I wasn't feeling too hungry. Bought pretzels from Auntie's Anne. Bought the wrong one, should have chose the one with chocolate or cinnamon. Taste a bit salty though, hmm.. Finished it anyway.

Mr. Fruitheart texted me and told me to call home. I know it was  something related to my small man. I called and MIL said, he wanted to play computer games. Haha.. oh boy! I was worried. I told him later when I am back from work I will let him play. Pheww.. I can breath easily after that.
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