Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Our Latte Factor

Some of you might asked, what is Latte Factor? I was introduced to it by Mr. Fruitheart who read a book written by David Bach - 'Smart Couples Finish Rich'. The book teaches couples of all ages how to work together on their finances as a team. You can go to his website David Bach - Live Rich.Finish Rich. Some of his advise and method are useful to us Malaysian. Not all in his books we can fit into our daily lives.

~The Latte Factor is a metaphor for those unnecessary "little" expenditures that we waste our money on, without realizing how much they add up to. What keeps us living from paycheck to paycheck is that we spend more than we make on stuff we don’t need. The amount you are throwing away on non-essentials is your Latte Factor. If you were to take that money and devote it to savings, before you know it you’ll start building a fortune!~

Why am I writing this? I wanted to share what we have started doing and still continue with it. Seriously, it gives us the excitement to see our money grow. Your latte factor could be your expenses on cigarettes, coffee, snacks, newspapers, magazine, fast/junk food and the list goes on.

Here is how we do it, example our lunch latte. We allocated each of us RM10. Normally, we spend RM6 or RM7 a day. So we will have balance RM 3 or RM4. At the end of the week we would have RM30 (RM3 for example). At the end of the month, we would have RM120. So in a year, we have RM1440. Yes!! We can go shopping, or pamper ourselves.

You can do that too on other expenses. By doing this, my beloved Mr. Fruitheart had quit smoking. Because he really could save a lot. And now when the ciggie price is up to RM10 per box.. just imagine how much you can save per month. Let's say RM160? That's a lot right.

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We don't even realize how much we're actually spending on these little purchases. If we did think about it and change our habits just a little, we could actually change our destiny.
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