Friday, 15 October 2010

Sayang Call Umah (Honey Call Home)

That was the text message from Mr. Fruitheart. Without waiting further or replying his text, I dialed MIL's phone number. Ring! Ring! My heart beating fast. I know it's about my small man.

My MIL answered the phone.

Me: Hello, mama call Nizam just now? Kenape dengan Syahmie?
MIL:  Aah, TV kat atas tu suddenly service not available. Mama tak tahu nak buat.
Me: (dalam hati dah gelak besar, panic sangat I ni) Oooo.. Syahmie bising tak boleh tengok lah.
MIL: Aah, nah cakap dengan papa.
FIL: Haa Fara, kat TV screen atas tu service not available. Papa dah try check kat signal, kaler merah je. Dah cube on off pun tak boleh.
Me: ASTRO problem kot. Share dish yang same kan?
FIL: Same dish. Papa off gune remote yang macam tajam tu kan, yang nampak buruk lame tu, tak boleh gak. Yang peliknye TV ASTRO bawah ok je. Dah on off TV dengan ASTRO pun tak boleh.
Me: Ooo.. pastu Syahmie bising lah ni die tak boleh tengok?
FIL: Aah (sambil ketawe). Papa cakap kat die, atuk pun tak tahu.
Me: Tak pe lah papa, balik nanti kite orang tengok ASTRO tu.

While typing this entry I smiled and laughed. It's just about he could not watched the TV! I told myself, why I have to be so freaked out when everytime Mr. Fruitheart asked me to call home. Mummy got panic attacked! Hmmm.. what to do, I am very much worried about my small man. Although I know, he behave without me and can take care of himself very well. Which I don't believe it's my spoil son who is in very good behaviour in front other people.

P/S: Note to myself, RELAX!
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