Monday, 4 October 2010

Touring Island Honeymoon Day 2

Oh my, blog full of cobwebs.. hehe.. After few days of cleaning, laundry, vacuum and other stuff.. Finally I have some free time before starting another chores.. yes, cooking!

Ok, let's continue the story about my honeymoon trip. Hehe.. On day 2, woke up around 8am. Their 6.30am looks like 8am here in Malaysia. So you can guess how their 6.30pm looks like. Already dark. After shower, we went for breakfast at Pailin Restaurant. We were given American Breakfast voucher. We chose scrambled eggs, yogurt + muesli, chicken fried rice which was so yummy!, orange and apple juice. Additional omelet for Mr. Fruitheart.

Went back to the hotel, and ready for our round island tour. We ride on a tuk tuk (An auto rickshaw or three-wheeler - is a motor vehicle and a mode of transport for private use and as a vehicle for hire.)
Our tour guide for that day was Ben. He's been staying there for almost 11 years. We were taken to the old Koh Lanta Town. Kinda creepy, it's like an old abandoned town. He told us, we came on a low season time, there were not many people. Ben said the peak season starts from middle October to January.

We stopped at the jetty, took some pictures and it was raining. He told us the bridge was damaged during the tsunami in 2004. Next we stopped at the view point, which was the highest spot in Koh Lanta to have a good view of the island. After we had our drinks there, we went to Au Noy Beach. Nice view as well but due to the rain, we stopped just for a while.

Our next stop was supposed to be the Mu Kho Lanta National Park. But we were not able to drive up cause the road was slippery. We decided to grab our lunch at a restaurant near by.. Same Same But Different. Nice name huh? It was located near the Kan Tiang Beach. Hearing the sound of waves and the nice ocean breeze, so relaxing.

Since we were in Thailand, we ordered prawn tomyam. Oh my it was so spicy! There were only two prawns and it costs us RM18! The food was a ok. Before we ended our tour, we went shopping at the Saladan Town. Not many interesting stuff to buy there. Not even key chain. Ended I bought a cloth to put on the bed as deco. Well, that's the only interesting thing for me. We also bought 'ayam percik' for snack. Back at the hotel around 3.30pm, our next activity is lazying in the swimming pool. Just the two of us!
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