Monday, 18 October 2010

Weekend Supposed To Be A Rest Day

Saturday and Sunday supposed to be our relaxing, lazying day at home or having fun activities. Our weekend were not wasted, it's fully occupied since the week we got married. Seems like every weekend we have our own agenda to this and that, and to go here and there. Oh and last weekend, we went to PD.

Went for a team building event. Reached at Thistle Hotel around 11 on Friday night. After shower I went straight to bed while Mr. Fruitheart spent time with his friends. I can't stay up much longer, the bed and pillow were so nice and comfy and huggable!

The next morning after breakfast, started our first activity. Oh, sorry my bad I don't know what all those 3 activities we had. All I know, we had to walked on a line cable with a friend. Not sure how many metre from the ground, it's quite high. I was not afraid to go up, I was afraid I could fall down! I felt like I've left my heart there. Fuhhh! Challenging.

Next, have to climb a rope and touch the pad beside it. It was easy, but we need to used all our energy to climbed up. I was the first to went up. Hehe.. after that could sit down and watched everyone else. Tiring, exhausted and I got sun burned! It was really hot. Uwaaaaaa.. sun burned from Krabi also didn't vanished yet, now I got another. Ugh!

I feel that would be the last time I joined. I don't think I have the energy or strength to it anymore. When we are getting near the 'older' age, I feel I had done everything, enjoying my life. And now it's time to slow down and take really good care of my life. OMG! I feel OLD!!

Later in the evening, just before dinner we had funny games activities. Err.. it was not funny actually. Indoor games and some even had gone up to the room to get some sleep! I watched the others played water polo. Didn't bring my swimming clothes, so just sat beside the pool.

We had Chinese dinner set. I tell you, the dessert was really nice. Don't remember what's the name, but it had coconut, lemon and brown color. At 10.30 went to bed. So nice! Checked out around 9 the next day after breakfast. Hah! That was my weekend. I feel like I have been working seven days straight and don't have the energy anymore. I missed my afternoon nap!
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