Tuesday, 12 October 2010

What's for Breakfast?

I've been surfing the Internet looking for breakfast recipes and snacks. I believe all that I find can be made easily, however the problem are ingredients. Some of it can easily be found in supermarket. Oh, I know we can changed the recipes up to our needs. Just that, I am not sure if my small man can take it. I know Mr. Fruitheart can.

My small man is one kid that is fussy about food. He doesn't eat veggies, (tell me which kid doesn't, I know some like it). Usually for breakfast he had 'roti canai', 'nasi lemak', chicken nugget with fries, biscuits, even chocolate and ice cream! I had hard time forcing him to eat proper breakfast. Yea, I know.. I don't have the correct way of approaching him.

So now, I am scratching my head what to prepare for both of them. Hmm.. I even searched how to cook scrambled eggs. I only how to scrambled the eggs my way hehe. As long as it taste good, fine with me. I am still not used to prepared Mr. Fruitheart's breakfast. He will have oats on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other two days, Tuesday and Thursday he will have scrambled eggs. Or is it the other way round? See I even confused myself! Oh boy!

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Also today, Mr. Fruitheart had stomach ache. Could it be because he ate the not well cooked oats prepared by me?

Need to include other breakfast for him and my small man. Like cereal or make bread toast. Just need the delicious, easy and simple recipes. I've been searching here Kaboose. It is where I found banana dog in a bun. It's yummy! We have tasted it. No, they did not asked to include a dog in it, FYI.
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