Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Small Man Snoring

My small man, he snores while sleeping. It had been quite sometime but I don't remember when actually he starts. A bit loud I can say, until Mr. Fruitheart is disturbed by the sound. Lately he likes to sleep in our room. He doesn't like to sleep alone. No double meaning yeah.

Today in The Star online ParenThots section there is an article related to it Snoring can affect your child's grades.

If your child snores, it may mean he has sleep apnea and this means he is not getting enough restful sleep.

Since he is five years old, the year when he started kindergarten he barely sleeps in the afternoon. He keeps on playing with his toys and computer games. Until my mother had told him to go to sleep and scolded him only he will sleep. And after that, nearly 11pm he will go to bed. I know that is not a very healthy but, I am not there during day time to look after him.

Why do children snore?
Large tonsils and adenoids
Facial abnormalities and other reasons

I believe my small man falls on the second one - Large tonsils and adenoids.
The other day when we sent him for check up because he had fever, the doc said he had tonsils. That's why he always had this coughing.

Conclusion from the article, parents need to ensure their children eat healthy food and maintain healthy lifestyle. Hmm.. that means less chocolate and sweets for you son. I know he is not going to like it.

Apple’s iPad On Sale in Malaysia

Finally, the gadgets we've been waiting for. iPad is finally here in Malaysia! I know one of the happy person is Mr. Fruitheart since he planned to buy the thing. I told him rather than buying that, he should buy bicycle for exercise. Loose some of those fat around your hips honey haha.. We know he will be reading this *wink*

KUALA LUMPUR: After months of waiting, the iPad will be sold at selected stores in Malaysia today at a rate that is said to be one of the cheapest in the world.

The official price list provided to The Star by authorised reseller Machines, via Apple, showed iPads in US stores going at RM1,573.10 to RM2,613.42 (US$499 to US$829).

The price range for the iPads in Malaysia is RM1,549 to RM2,599.
(From The Star online)

Picture credit to The Star
I do fancy the iPad too. Saw some people using it while waiting for their flight the other day when we went for our honeymoon makes me 'Aww.. that's so cool.' I wish I had one. Depends on the budget too, plus it is not our priority now. We have lots of other things to do. If we do ever get it for free like for our birthday or win a contest, oh well we're just LUCKY!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Angry Bird

From wikipedia: Angry Birds is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio, a developer based in Finland. Since its release for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch devices, over 10 million copies of the game have been purchased, and versions have appeared for other touchscreen-based smartphones.

I have that game in my iPhone and my small man is addicted to it! Sometimes he is angry as the bird too. He easily get mad when he lose.

In the game, you have to fire birds through a slingshot in order to kill piggies who had stolen the birds eggs. I like the cute and cartoony graphics, and the disgruntled-looking birds are very angry indeed, plus with the background music of the bird. I think it's like they had evil laugh.

I was addicted once, and still play it once in a while.

Pictures credit to Rovio

The game was nominated for the "Best Casual Game" award at the 6th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards, announced in Barcelona, Spain in February 2010.

I have downloaded the new Angry Bird game, which is Angry Birds Halloween.
Here's some image from the game. And my small man is happily playing it and angry too!

Pictures credit to Rovio

Pictures credit to Rovio

False Alarm

How frustrating. Right now I am a bit stressed because of the slow connectivity while working from home. The red flag is up. Finally after seventeen days of waiting.

I believe there's still hope that I am going to have a baby soon. Oh well, we can still try and try and try again. What I heard from my friend, it could be false alarm. Oh boy was she so right about it. I went to see her yesterday. She's four months pregnant with her first child. So happy for her. She asked about me and I told her everything. And she said, it could be false alarm. The previous day, I went to the doctor for check up and she did too said it's negative. She also said it could be still early to know and asked me to come back in two weeks time.

Since today it is 'red', then no need to go for further check up. I just wonder, why was it so late this time? Never had that before, and I was afraid it might be something else. As long as the period starts again, then I believe I am OK. And we will keep on trying, aren't we honey?

P/S: To all out there especially my friends who were so eager to know, no I am not pregnant yet.

What Can I Say.. Kids These Days Are Lucky

It is true isn't it? You want prove, I'll give you one.

My thirteen year old sister, the youngest in the family.. got her first Blackberry. Jealous? Of course I am.. a bit. When I was thirteen they sent me to boarding school. Far from the family, have to survived in the hostel with not-yummy-food, have to washed my own clothes. I am the eldest, so I didn't much get all those sort of gadgets like modern millennium teenagers these days.

That is one of the advantages being the last child, and living in this current millennium century, with all interesting cool gadgets, they easily get one. There's not much of those iPhone, laptop, facebook, twitter in my old days. Yikes! I do feel old now. Eh.. not thirty yet, still young.

As for my younger brother, he will be getting a SWIFT! Not Taylor Swift, the Suzuki Swift car. Blue color. Damn, my first car was only Perodua Kancil.

P/S: I feel like my father is Santa Claus now.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Yay! Finally He's Home

After four days, finally my small man is back home. I missed you so much son. You don't know how I cried.. boo hoo hoo.. Shame on me.

He did missed us. While crying and hugging me, he said ' I missed you mom.. I missed dad'. Aww.. how sweet!

Sadly, he had fever. It must have been because of the hot weather and he played outside for quite long time. Tomorrow I'll be staying at home, working from home basically.. *sigh* and take care of him. He needs the attention. Hehe.. Tonight he will be sleeping with us.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Books To Distract Me

Here's another way I deal with it. It? Yes, the way I deal with my self. To help me not to think much about my small man that is not with me. I feel less 'hurt' today. Oh Sunday, why can't you come any faster??

I bought two books. Thick books which I believe I can finish it within two days. The last time I bought some books was two years ago. Such a long time.

Yes, I do judge a book by it's cover. Read a few front page, middle and last.. it's going to be a good read. Thought of buying Sophie Kinsella's books, but they have so many titles that I only ask permission for two.

Maybe next time.

The Way I Deal With It

So yesterday I cried. I feel like I lost my baby and he's been kidnapped. It hurts really bad. First time always like that huh?

I know he will be ok.

So for dinner I ate Monterey Chicken. Delicious! With ice lemon tea. Unbelievable when I can finished it all. Usually, Mr. Fruitheart would have to take some.

And then he bought me a new Garment Steamer, yay! It comes with FOC rack.

And for dessert, to make my self cool.. vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkle from Haagen Dazs.

Small man likes vanilla with sprinkle
It did slow down a bit. And I know, Mr. Fruitheart will be so patience with my attitude these few days.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

I Can't Let You Go Son.. I Never Will

This is from my side of story. A 'burden' of feelings that is kept in the heart, left only scars that could be seen until the day I die.

Son, you have a father. A father you call 'PAPA' that loves you. I know he does. I am sorry for separating you from him. It is not my intention, but it's for our own good. I know it's hard at first, but as long as we're together.. everything is possible. I could not leave you with him, because you're the most precious baby that I ever had. The moment I held you in my arms, I promise to my self I will take good care of you and protect you from everything, with my very best.

Although at certain times I feel I neglected you.. I am sorry son. I know I am not a perfect mother, but no one can be your mother except me that's for sure.

After so long, now he wants to bring you to his hometown. Five days is so long son. Even though I said yes, but my heart don't. I tried to think it will be alright, told my self it will be just fine.. but it does not help. My heart still say NO! Because I love you too much. Too much that I can go insane if I lose you son.. I Can't Let You Go Son.. I Never Will.

And this is for you.. my small man's 'PAPA'. I know you won't be reading this, but who cares.

I know he is your son. He is your responsibility, BUT.. please take a look at what actually you have done to ensure you're responsible enough to be a father to him? Don't ever mention your responsibility only to take him out, buy him food and clothes when you only did that two or three times a year? What about his education? About his needs? His savings? His 'nafkah'? Oh there are so much more if I want to type here. I know you have so much to say to me, because to you.. you're always right and always feel that I am not being kind to you. Please remember this, the scars are still there.

Falling out of love is hard
Falling for betrayal is worst
Broken trust and broken hearts

Thinking all you need is there
Building faith on love and words
Empty promises will wear
I know

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The P Word... Am I? - Part II

If LOTR and Narnia have part II and part III, I also have. Just that my stories are not as exciting, fun and adventures as the movie.

Certain times I do feel nausea, not as much but still have it. I am much more tired these days. I don't think I had done any hard work at all. Surprisingly, after I had eaten, I still feel hungy. I felt my tummy is empty after few minutes I ate. Don't know where all the food went.

I can't stand ciggie smoke and stinky smell. Oouhhh.. so not nice! I can even say it out loud whenever I feel and show drastic movement like covering my nose from the smell. I even stare at the person who's smoking! So, smokers stay away from me.

It has been more than a week now. Tested two time, still negative. I don't want to test it anymore, it only makes me stress. As I said, the expectation is high and I don't want to give hope and hoping. If there is, then there will be. Although I know, I may have not think straight when typing this (at the moment) and think negative.. but that is how I feel. I won't give up that's for sure. Just letting it out a bit.

Some of my colleagues even said 'Berseri muka kamu', Pregnant ke?' Err.. no. My small man also kept on asking everyday. He always had some idea or things that to do with his little brother and sister. One day it's about their chair, table. Then the next day about where they will sleep, who going to feed them. Ohhhh.. makes mummy stress only. I know he's been the only child for too long huh?

P/S: I am still not preggie based on the test kit.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sayang Is For Daddy

While I was enjoying my few minutes with facebook, playing SL my small man came to me. He asked if I have any paper for him to take some orders. He was pretending he is the chef at a restaurant. Hehe.. I told him I don't have any.

So he stand behind the chair I was sitting, and asked again.

My small man: Mom, does daddy has it?
Me: No sayang. Daddy don't have any paper too.
My small man: Eh mama, sayang is for daddy only. I am Syahmie.

Hehe.. yeah he had heard me calling Mr. Fruitheart 'sayang' (honey in English.. err I think). Basically it's the nickname. If I started to call Mr. Fruitheart by his name, then our kids will also start to call that right? Who knows, kids now days are really smart. My small man used to call me Auntie Fara!

Lame Excuses

Oh Monday.

Your working hour starts from 9am to 6am. But, you came to the office 9.30 and sometimes 10am.

Your reason? I've worked shift/odd hours for FOUR (4) years. I can get up at 4 or 5, but that's still early to get ready to work right? I am still adapting to the new hour. By the way, he had worked normal hours for almost TWO (2) years now. In my opinion, he's not a morning person or he needs a WIFE!

You're working as help desk first line support. If you said wearing the headset is causing HSE issue, then you might consider looking for another job. Plus, do you have to keep your finger nail 5cm long?

Everyone else also have phone ok. No need to turn on your ring tone volume to the max. So you want everybody to sing 'Baby Baby Ohh' is it? Oh we know that's your wife calling.

P/S: Just another manic Monday

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp

Yesterday we went to Subang Parade shopping mall at Subang to entertain my small man. I read this event 'Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp' in Parenthots section, from The Star.

Taken from Parenthots event and activities:
Date: Nov 20, 2010
Time: 11.30am-10pm
Venue: Subang Parade Mall, Subang Jaya

Highlights: Ben and Gwen Meet and Greets and Hit The Ben 10 Alien Challenge

Date: Nov 27, 2010
Time: 10.30am-10pm
Venue: 1Utama, High Street Concourse, Bandar Utama

Yay! Got the mags
Highlights: Kids who complete all 10 challenges will receive a Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp Certificate and Ben 10 goody bag from Cartoon Network! Challenges include the Ultimate Humungousaur-themed activity, in which participants must build a 15-level high tower without it toppling over; and much more, all designed to test kids’ wits and reflexes.

Entry is free and the events will be open to all kids who are looking for adventure and excitement during this school holiday season.
 He even asked us to buy him Ben 10 clothes when he saw others wearing it.

He did not get the chance to take any pictures with his favourite action figure, Ben. The queue was so long and we wouldn't want to wait long since we had to go some other places. However, he had fun receiving all the goodies. Next time, mom and dad will bring you again OK son.

Waiting for his gift
Trying his luck
Almost the same
Mummy also queue OK

Ben 10 and Gwen
After that a treat to Big Apple! Messy chocolate!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Retrenchment - Bad News on Friday

Friday should be a happy day. Everybody always say TGIF - Thank God It's Friday. Almost everyone looking forward for the day where it follows to weekend. Lots of activities and outing planned, also we can spend quality time with our family. Some even counting the hour, looking at the wall clock. Excited to end the work day.

But, not today. Not this Friday 19-11-2010. When we heard few of our colleagues got retrenched. Today the is the last day they will be working here. They will be missed. Some of us wonder, who could be next? Will we be prepared for the next round, if there's any? Only time will tell.

Father and Son Enjoy A Day Out

They really enjoyed their time together. Mr. Fruitheart is still on vacation, clearing his annual leave basically. And my small man was so happy daddy is at home playing with him.

Yesterday, my small man had his first time visit to the dentist. The moment all of us were waiting for. Knowing him, I had told him not to cry. He's going to loose his front tooth. The first tooth!

While waiting for the Doc

Can't believe he is calm!

Around 1030am, I texted Mr. Fruitheart and asked if the tooth had been taken out. He said yes. And I asked if he cried. He said, oh please mom I am strong. Huh!! So 'berlagak' one! However, I am relief that he didn't cry or kicked the Doc. Or else, we will be blacklisted.

After that they went to KLCC. The plan was for them to go to Petrosains only. There is a small exhibition, Playhouse Disney PETRONAS StreetSmart 2010 – Lessons for Life Exhibition. Since they have nothing to do and I was working, I have asked them to go there.

With his favourite cartoon figure - Mickey Mouse

I thought after that they are ready to go home. Nah ah ah.. they watched MEGAMIND! They left me alone working, and they enjoyed movie.

I know they had a great time together.. without me *CRIES*

P/S: I don't know when I will have MY TIME.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Stormtrooper Attacked KL

We've been attacked!

Looks familiar huh? They're from the Star Wars movie. Only, they don't have Darth Vader here.

This happens today during my lunch break. I was heading to Pavillion. I saw a bunch of crowd busy taking pictures and following them. There are four of them and they were not armed as we saw in those Star Wars movie. Lucky us!

This is a part of the YTL WiMax Service promotion - YES 4G mobile Internet with voice. Previously we only heard about 3G and now 4G. Technology! For more information http://www.yes.com.my/

'The "Yes" wireless Internet and voice service is said to be as much as 5 times faster than most users' current 3G network. The new WiMax network also allows customers to pick their own ID and number.The "Yes" wireless Internet and voice service is said to be as much as 5 times faster than most users' current 3G network. The new WiMax network also allows customers to pick their own ID and number.'

'Parent company YTL Power International Bhd. will spend RM2.5 bil on its initial push to bring the service to 65% of Malaysians upon its debut this week and 80% by mid 2011. The corporation is getting assistance from Clearwater Corp, Intel Corp, Cisco Systems Inc and International Business Machines Corp on the rollout.'

Prince William - He's Taken

Aha I know this news is kind of late to be put in this blog, because it happens yesterday. The Prince of Britain, UK.. Prince William son of late Princess Diana is now engaged.. to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. He gave her his late mother's sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

They make a lovely couple.  Although the Prince (from my point of view) not as cute as Josh Hartnet or has tough body as Rain, but he's good looking and most important a PRINCE. Hehe.. Hey.. hey.. I know I am married. Should be hhappy for them, and I can't wait to see their wedding. Would it be like their parents wedding? And I hope their marriage last forever. It was almost 30 years since Britain (I think), had royal wedding. Yeah, Princess Diana fairy-tale wedding was on 1981. Which the year I was born.

William is second in line to the British throne after Charles, his father. Kate and William's first child would move ahead of his younger brother Prince Harry to become third in line to the throne. - She can be the next Queen of England. And another fashion icon. Wohoo.. Beautiful, smart and lovely one. Like Princess D, if only she is still here. My mother likes her so much, that is why my youngest sister was named Deanna, only different spelling.

You might be interested in this: Royal wedding: 50 things you may not know about Kate Middleton and Prince William

Royal Wedding Is On!
P/S: Yes, all broken hearted girls out there.. Please tear off his poster on your wall.. There will be another Prince. Prince Harry is still there *wink*

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

2010: Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha

Esok tanggal 17 November 2010, 10 Zuhijjah 1431 Hijrah umat Islam menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha atau lebih dikenali Hari Raya Korban. Maka, banyak lah lembu dan kambing.. serta ada jugak sikit ayam itik yang dikorbankan mungkin.

Baru lepas telefon parents bertanya khabar. Alhamdulillah sihat. Mama je yang still sakit. Mr. Fruitheart pun sama sakit juga. Lepas kerja hari ni baru nak pergi klinik, after three days he still in the same condition. Harapnya my small man tidak berjangkit dengan daddy lah kan. Sempat bagi tahu mama esok kalau tiada aral melintang, menantu dah sihat sikit boleh lah balik ke Salak Tinggi. Tapi mama siap inform tak masak apa-apa. Alaaa.. sedih. Tak merasa sungguh kerseronokkan hari raya. Aidilfitri pun sama juga.

Kalau dulu zaman kanak-kanak, hari raya lah yang paling best. Dapat duit raya, baju raya lima helai.. lepas tu balik kampung drive jauh. Tapi bukan I yang drive lah kan hehe.. Ayahanda tercinta. This week also, my in laws ke Langkawi. Cuti-cuti Malaysia gitu. Haih.. seronoknya.

So, apa plan esok? Kalau tak rajin.. duduk rumah saja lah jawabnya. Layan dua orang yang nakal itu. Masak? Hehe.. dah print resipi.. tapi.. kena tengok kalau bahan mentahnya cukup atau tidak. Don't worry Mummy, I won't burn down your kitchen.

Di kesempatan ini, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha untuk semua.

I Don't Know Why I Even Bother

I will never understand people. NEVER. And, I don't know why I even bother to write this entry to let this multiple feelings inside my brain, body, heart.. basically all parts of it out in public. Somehow the ignorance is NOT a bliss.

Sometimes I hate work life. It is not because of the work, it's because of the people. 'If you don't like about it, change the way you think about it.. bla bla.. I think the quote sounds something like that. But, that quote doesn't work in this office culture. I am not the very best employee an employer could have. Huh!! trying to be modest, and at times I can be the lazy employee too. But, I still know and do MY JOB. I get it done.

I feel annoyed, angry, hatred.. Oh, so much now.

Maybe I am over dramatic and over sensitive about it. Too carried away. Or.. I might just quit my job and find another one. If I can't changed anything, I should leave. Maybe not the very best option, but it is the best for me. So everyone happy? YES!

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. ~ Jonas Salk

Monday, 15 November 2010

Who Will Take Care Of Us?

Is this season of illness? Previously, my small man had fever.. and now Mr. Fruitheart too. So if kids aren't feeling well, mummy can take care of them. And when daddy is sick mummy will do her best to also take care of their man. So, what if MUMMY is sick.. who will take of us? All of them?

Even the mighty super mom get sick too sometimes. Err.. can mummy call for help? Yes. Please remind yourself, it is OK to ask for help. I don’t know why we are like that. We just are. So, if there is someone you can ask for help, ask them. Find out if daddy can take a few hours off or the entire day. Mummy, remember you're not thinking straight when you had flu, red nose and a box of tissues beside you.

I know, if I get sick.. I can depend on Mr. Fruitheart. He's been very helpful these past few days. Sense of responsibility. I know my small is also independent, I can count on him as well. I know how lucky I am to have them.

Image credit to Google
A friend reminded me, everything will fall into place most of the time and your health is more important than the dirty dishes in the sink or the paper work you have in the office. True?

Life As We Know It

It is because we can't wait.

Yesterday evening, just before the rain starting to pour (so dramatic one) we went to the pharmacy. Bought the Clearblue test kit. I wanted to buy two, but Mr. Fruitheart told me one is enough. He knew if it's negative I would try once more. Oh my heart pumping really fast at that time. Off to the cashier we go and paid for it.

So this morning, before I went to work..

It's negative. It hurts. It's not ok. It's three days late. The symptom and sign are there.. but.. is it that I am too excited to conceived again, it over took me? Ohh.. I don't know. We've decided to give it a test again on this Friday. Texted my best friend, just to let this 'uneasy' feeling out. She even said I am not 40 yet. Chill!

Anyway, there are others who had tried for years and everything, and yes they're still trying. Be positive Fara.. if it's meant to be then it will be.

'When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.' ~ Paulo Coelho

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Secrets Revealed

One day after dinner.. this conversation took place at grandma's room.

My small man: Grandma, if I have a brother his name is Darwish.
Grandma: Ha? Darwish? Like Indonesian name. Ask your mom to pick another name.
My small man: Daddy, I forgot if it's a girl what is her name?
Daddy: I don't know. (Pretending)
My small man: Daddy, focus. What is her name?
Daddy: Arissa
My small man: Haa, it's Arissa grandma.
Grandma: Arissa is nice.
My small man: But, my brother and sister are so late to come out.

Me - Can't you feel the pressure?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Food For Thought

A colleague of mine sent me this email. Something good for sharing.

What's wrong with eating too full?

Don't over eat and don't encourage your family members and friends to overeat - unless you wish to shorten their healthy living and perhaps die younger!

An interesting article about eating too full.

In Today's Dr Lee Newsletter Issue: "What's wrong with eating too full?"

"The more you eat, the sooner you die. The lesser you eat, the longer you live." This is what Dr Lee always says in his health talk. He also mentions, "Eating too full causes all sort of health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, etc."

Why eating too full is so harmful to your health? What can you do about it?=================================================

Mice experiment

To see how eating habit affects life span, a professor from University of Texas did an experiment on mice.
For the first group of 100 mice, he let them eat without any restriction, just like a buffet meal.

The second group was fed only 60% full. And the third group was given food without restriction too. But this time, he reduced protein content to half. After 2.5 years, guess how many mice were still alive out of 100?

* First group (eat without restriction) - only 13 mice was alive. Opsss...
* Second group (eat 60% full) - 97 mice was still alive. Only 3 mice died.
* Third group (eat without restriction with protein cut half) - 50 mice still alive.

What can we learn from these results?

Firstly, eating too full is really harmful to your body. Secondly, eat 60% full if you want to live longer and healthier. Thirdly, taking too much protein is harmful to your body too. We don't need so much protein after all.

Overworking body

Imagine having a small family car. Instead of using it for short travel between home and office, you use it for long distance travel between different cities every day. Instead of using it 1 hour a day, you use it for 10 hours a day. Instead of driving at 70 km/h, you always speed up to 170 km/h, hitting engine's red line.

Can you estimate your car life span? Do you expect having various problems with your car after a short time? Driving your car at high speed for a long time is like always eating too full. You force your body to always work at its red line.

Do you know digestion is the most demanding work for your body? Think about the organs involved such as your mouth, stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum and intestine. Think about the length of digestive tract from your mouth to intestine.

By eating too full, your body zaps up much of your energy for digestion. Otherwise, this energy may be used for other purpose such as enhancing your immune system.

Do you realize you become very tired easily after a big meal? That is the sign of your body working hard to digest all the food you take in.

If you eat an extra bowl of noodle, your pancreas has to produce extra insulin hormone to process the extra carbohydrates you take.

Your liver, stomach and intestine also have to produce extra enzymes to digest and process specific nutrients from that bowl of noodle.

Therefore the more you eat, the harder your body has to work to process it. Of course, we must eat to survive. But we don't have to eat that much!

If you drive your car slowly and handle it gently, you can use it for a long time. But if you always floor the accelerator and drive like a rally driver, you know the consequence on your car life span.

Good eating habit

After knowing the harmful effect of eating too full, what's your choice? Do you want to live longer, just like the second group mice in the experiment? Or do you want to risk ending your life earlier, just like the first group mice? If you wish to live longer, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Always eat until 70% full. Do not exceed 80% full. You may want to stop eating when you feel slightly full.

2. Avoid having buffet style meal which makes it harder to control how much you eat. Instead, prepare the food you want to eat in a plate. After finishing it, don't add anymore food.

3. Leaving the dining table earlier may prevent you from picking some extra food to eat.

4. It is always a good idea to prepare lesser food in the first place. Some people are afraid of having not enough food for everyone. Actually, lesser food is beneficial for everyone.

In a restaurant, order in small amount first. You can always add in some extra order if necessary. But if you can get by with the original smaller order, that's great.

Remember this: You have higher chance of overeating if you serve more food on the table. You have better chance of not overeating if you serve less food.

5. Avoid stuffing your fridge with ice cream, chocolate or other dessert. You cannot eat what you do not have.

6. When someone prepares a big plate of food for you, look at it first. Ask yourself, "Do I want to stuff it all into my stomach?"
If your answer is no, just put aside some food to another empty plate first. After finishing your food, look back at the extra food on that new plate. Say to yourself, "Phew! Luckily I didn't stuff that portion into my stomach."

7. When you get too hungry before your meal time, just take some fruit instead of heavy meal.

" The tendency to overeat is very high for modern generation . "

The P Word... Am I?

I wonder.. am I? Since yesterday I felt the symptom, the sign. But I am not going to be excited so early. That's what I told Mr. Fruitheart as well. Both of us were anxious of course.

My tummy doesn't feel good. I had this since yesterday. When I sleep at night I don't fell it and when I woke up I feel want to vomit again. Morning sickness? Gosh, the worse I had was almost seven years ago. Every morning! That is why I wonder, am I?

I had not feel any body pain as when I was going to have my PMS. Only that I am much more tired these days. I hardly did any tough job. Hehe.. make breakfast, laundry.. just the normal stuff. As per the P Tracker, my red flag should be today. However, there's no sign of it. Only pimples near my nose. I have decided to wait for a week. If it's late, then off to the clinic we go.

Hope and pray we get a good news. The expectation from people around me. Especially Mr. Fruitheart. Although he did not mentioned it, but I can feel it. Pressure. I had a son, and he is too mentioned couple of times how he is lonely and wanted a baby boy and baby girl. He also said why are they so late to come out? Son, mummy and daddy are trying very hard ok.

Even my friends in facebook also were SO EXCITED about it. Not direct to the point, but YES they were very good at it and very concern too. Hehe.. This was what I posted early morning today..

I know if God's will, there will be. Amin.

P/S: The P Word = Pregnant

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lamborghini For Birthday

Few weeks back we watched 'My Super Sweet 16' on channel 714 MTV. In the episode, they had picked Demetrius, son of Timbaland.  In the traditional MTV style, the cameras followed the young man everywhere until the big day in St. Tropez. Do you know what he got for his sixteenth birthday? A car. LAMBORGHINI!!!! My jaw dropped. I want to be daughter of a rich celebrity too. Can anyone adopt me?

Today while we were on our way to work and listening to Hitz.FM as usual. The morning crew's topic was "What is the most outrageous gift you've heard given as a reward for good results in an exam?" So both of us were talking about it as well and the 'Demetrius Timbaland Lamborghini' episode came to the discussion.

Even though our small man had not yet entered big boys school, we had told him if he wants toys especially those Ben 10 aliens, Transformers he had to study hard and be number one. He did not know how to ask for IPOD, IPAD, XBOX or PS3 yet. If he did, I know who I will go to. DADDY!

This was our conversation (imagining) if he ask for an IPAD:

My small man: Mom.. Dad.. can I have an IPAD?
Mom: No. When I was your age, I did not get it.
My small man: Well, at that time there was no IPAD. If there is, you would get it too.
Mom: Daddy!
Daddy: If you get an A for all your subject, then we will consider buying.
My small man: Then I will consider studying hard until I get an IPAD.

Image credit to Google

Mom and Dad looked at each other.