Friday, 5 November 2010

And Then Came The Boss

I love to listening to music while working. So today, since I am working on a Malaysian Public Holiday, I can switch on my PC stereo loudly without putting my headset on.

Today, less ringing sounds and less annoying voices. However, there's a lot of tickets. Darn!

Something missing if I don't hear music. Hehe.. No I am not listening to slow or jazz music. It could make me fall asleep. Mr. Fruitheart would say, huh! Even if it's a rock song also I'll be sleeping. Hehe.. Like in the car. What to do, the car is like a swing. I wish I had a radio at my cubical so that I can listen to Hitz.FM. With those hilarious morning crew JJ and Ean. I can laugh while doing my work.

And then came the boss.
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