Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Apple’s iPad On Sale in Malaysia

Finally, the gadgets we've been waiting for. iPad is finally here in Malaysia! I know one of the happy person is Mr. Fruitheart since he planned to buy the thing. I told him rather than buying that, he should buy bicycle for exercise. Loose some of those fat around your hips honey haha.. We know he will be reading this *wink*

KUALA LUMPUR: After months of waiting, the iPad will be sold at selected stores in Malaysia today at a rate that is said to be one of the cheapest in the world.

The official price list provided to The Star by authorised reseller Machines, via Apple, showed iPads in US stores going at RM1,573.10 to RM2,613.42 (US$499 to US$829).

The price range for the iPads in Malaysia is RM1,549 to RM2,599.
(From The Star online)

Picture credit to The Star
I do fancy the iPad too. Saw some people using it while waiting for their flight the other day when we went for our honeymoon makes me 'Aww.. that's so cool.' I wish I had one. Depends on the budget too, plus it is not our priority now. We have lots of other things to do. If we do ever get it for free like for our birthday or win a contest, oh well we're just LUCKY!
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