Thursday, 4 November 2010

As We Get Older

Yes, we get older. Looking back all those years we passed.. how we grow up, how we managed to skipped classes then got caught, how we got scolded by our parents.. how we fell down from our motorbike, still have the scars till today.. the first time entered the operation room, and love at first sight when we were thirteen.. Hehe.. Don't you missed all that?

When I was a teenager, I used to tell myself I want to grow up fast so that I can have what I want. Like drive my own car, have lots of money, a big house and yes, be an adult as you say it. All because I was still living under my parents roof. I have to follow their rules. Now, what I was thinking??!! Hehe.. it is tough being a baby, a kid, adult and also a grandma.

I have always heard this.. Once you're a mother you will know or once you experienced it then you know what we were talking about. Believe me now I know. Really. I feel you mom! Hehe..

As we are getting older, we gather so much experience along the way. We have done so many things. Sometimes we regret of not doing it, and hope we can still do it. What past has passed, but if you think you are still able to do it.. just do it. I asked myself, do I have anything that I wanted to do?
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