Monday, 29 November 2010

False Alarm

How frustrating. Right now I am a bit stressed because of the slow connectivity while working from home. The red flag is up. Finally after seventeen days of waiting.

I believe there's still hope that I am going to have a baby soon. Oh well, we can still try and try and try again. What I heard from my friend, it could be false alarm. Oh boy was she so right about it. I went to see her yesterday. She's four months pregnant with her first child. So happy for her. She asked about me and I told her everything. And she said, it could be false alarm. The previous day, I went to the doctor for check up and she did too said it's negative. She also said it could be still early to know and asked me to come back in two weeks time.

Since today it is 'red', then no need to go for further check up. I just wonder, why was it so late this time? Never had that before, and I was afraid it might be something else. As long as the period starts again, then I believe I am OK. And we will keep on trying, aren't we honey?

P/S: To all out there especially my friends who were so eager to know, no I am not pregnant yet.


Rieyuzie Zainul said...

Dun worry fara..keep on trying ok! :)

Fara said...

Will do ;) thank you Jie