Friday, 19 November 2010

Father and Son Enjoy A Day Out

They really enjoyed their time together. Mr. Fruitheart is still on vacation, clearing his annual leave basically. And my small man was so happy daddy is at home playing with him.

Yesterday, my small man had his first time visit to the dentist. The moment all of us were waiting for. Knowing him, I had told him not to cry. He's going to loose his front tooth. The first tooth!

While waiting for the Doc

Can't believe he is calm!

Around 1030am, I texted Mr. Fruitheart and asked if the tooth had been taken out. He said yes. And I asked if he cried. He said, oh please mom I am strong. Huh!! So 'berlagak' one! However, I am relief that he didn't cry or kicked the Doc. Or else, we will be blacklisted.

After that they went to KLCC. The plan was for them to go to Petrosains only. There is a small exhibition, Playhouse Disney PETRONAS StreetSmart 2010 – Lessons for Life Exhibition. Since they have nothing to do and I was working, I have asked them to go there.

With his favourite cartoon figure - Mickey Mouse

I thought after that they are ready to go home. Nah ah ah.. they watched MEGAMIND! They left me alone working, and they enjoyed movie.

I know they had a great time together.. without me *CRIES*

P/S: I don't know when I will have MY TIME.
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