Thursday, 4 November 2010

I Had A Dream

I was walking in the park one evening, holding my son's hand. He was so happy, he has a blue kite in his hands. We reached at the end of the park where we could see the very beautiful view of KL.

From there we can see KL Tower, the highest tower in Malaysia and KLCC, his favourite place. Windy day and just nice weather. I told him, it is time to fly his kite. He smiled, told me to stand on the other side hold and lift-off his kite. 'Yay, my kite is flying high mom'. He shouted happily.

'Mom!' I turned around and saw my other two kids smiling and running towards me with ice cream in each other hands.

'Where did you get that?'
'Daddy bought it. He promised.'

As usual, the ice cream melted and was all over their shirt. I was lecturing them while changing their clothes, then came my husband.

'Stop dreaming, time to work.'

I was wide awake at 630am when the alarm clock buzzing. Oh my, I was only dreaming. I only have one child, not three.
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