Thursday, 11 November 2010

Lamborghini For Birthday

Few weeks back we watched 'My Super Sweet 16' on channel 714 MTV. In the episode, they had picked Demetrius, son of Timbaland.  In the traditional MTV style, the cameras followed the young man everywhere until the big day in St. Tropez. Do you know what he got for his sixteenth birthday? A car. LAMBORGHINI!!!! My jaw dropped. I want to be daughter of a rich celebrity too. Can anyone adopt me?

Today while we were on our way to work and listening to Hitz.FM as usual. The morning crew's topic was "What is the most outrageous gift you've heard given as a reward for good results in an exam?" So both of us were talking about it as well and the 'Demetrius Timbaland Lamborghini' episode came to the discussion.

Even though our small man had not yet entered big boys school, we had told him if he wants toys especially those Ben 10 aliens, Transformers he had to study hard and be number one. He did not know how to ask for IPOD, IPAD, XBOX or PS3 yet. If he did, I know who I will go to. DADDY!

This was our conversation (imagining) if he ask for an IPAD:

My small man: Mom.. Dad.. can I have an IPAD?
Mom: No. When I was your age, I did not get it.
My small man: Well, at that time there was no IPAD. If there is, you would get it too.
Mom: Daddy!
Daddy: If you get an A for all your subject, then we will consider buying.
My small man: Then I will consider studying hard until I get an IPAD.

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Mom and Dad looked at each other.
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