Monday, 22 November 2010

Lame Excuses

Oh Monday.

Your working hour starts from 9am to 6am. But, you came to the office 9.30 and sometimes 10am.

Your reason? I've worked shift/odd hours for FOUR (4) years. I can get up at 4 or 5, but that's still early to get ready to work right? I am still adapting to the new hour. By the way, he had worked normal hours for almost TWO (2) years now. In my opinion, he's not a morning person or he needs a WIFE!

You're working as help desk first line support. If you said wearing the headset is causing HSE issue, then you might consider looking for another job. Plus, do you have to keep your finger nail 5cm long?

Everyone else also have phone ok. No need to turn on your ring tone volume to the max. So you want everybody to sing 'Baby Baby Ohh' is it? Oh we know that's your wife calling.

P/S: Just another manic Monday
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