Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lemongrass RM2.50

Just because I wanted to write this in English, I googled 'SERAI'. Haha.. so it is called lemongrass. I've heard of lemongrass, but did not know it is 'serai'. I'm pretty sure I am not the only pne who do not know 'serai' is called lemongrass.

Last Saturday was our groceries shopping day. It has become our routine since before married, we will buy groceries and other essential daily stuff when we got our paycheck. I think it's the usual thing everyone did. As usual, our favourite groceries place is Jaya Jusco, JJ for short.

My MIL had asked us to buy 'serai'. We went to the vegetables section. There were two section, so I had asked Mr. Fruitheart why they had two? Are there differences between this side and that side, the second row? Without me looking at the label. So he picked up the 'serai'. Each cost RM2.50. I said, that is EXPENSIVE. It had like two piece in it, wrapped with plastic. As we could not find any other (without even bother to look at the other side, clever of us haha).. we paid for it.

Serai = lemongrass
Later at home, my MIL said.. we are so rich and have lots of money bought that expensive 'serai'. *double blush*. She said, we can buy extra vegetables and it usually cost around RM0.60! She said, that must be organic lemongrass. So next time, look around first before buying. There are so many options. Lesson learned.
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