Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Small Man Snoring

My small man, he snores while sleeping. It had been quite sometime but I don't remember when actually he starts. A bit loud I can say, until Mr. Fruitheart is disturbed by the sound. Lately he likes to sleep in our room. He doesn't like to sleep alone. No double meaning yeah.

Today in The Star online ParenThots section there is an article related to it Snoring can affect your child's grades.

If your child snores, it may mean he has sleep apnea and this means he is not getting enough restful sleep.

Since he is five years old, the year when he started kindergarten he barely sleeps in the afternoon. He keeps on playing with his toys and computer games. Until my mother had told him to go to sleep and scolded him only he will sleep. And after that, nearly 11pm he will go to bed. I know that is not a very healthy but, I am not there during day time to look after him.

Why do children snore?
Large tonsils and adenoids
Facial abnormalities and other reasons

I believe my small man falls on the second one - Large tonsils and adenoids.
The other day when we sent him for check up because he had fever, the doc said he had tonsils. That's why he always had this coughing.

Conclusion from the article, parents need to ensure their children eat healthy food and maintain healthy lifestyle. Hmm.. that means less chocolate and sweets for you son. I know he is not going to like it.
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