Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The P Word... Am I? - Part II

If LOTR and Narnia have part II and part III, I also have. Just that my stories are not as exciting, fun and adventures as the movie.

Certain times I do feel nausea, not as much but still have it. I am much more tired these days. I don't think I had done any hard work at all. Surprisingly, after I had eaten, I still feel hungy. I felt my tummy is empty after few minutes I ate. Don't know where all the food went.

I can't stand ciggie smoke and stinky smell. Oouhhh.. so not nice! I can even say it out loud whenever I feel and show drastic movement like covering my nose from the smell. I even stare at the person who's smoking! So, smokers stay away from me.

It has been more than a week now. Tested two time, still negative. I don't want to test it anymore, it only makes me stress. As I said, the expectation is high and I don't want to give hope and hoping. If there is, then there will be. Although I know, I may have not think straight when typing this (at the moment) and think negative.. but that is how I feel. I won't give up that's for sure. Just letting it out a bit.

Some of my colleagues even said 'Berseri muka kamu', Pregnant ke?' Err.. no. My small man also kept on asking everyday. He always had some idea or things that to do with his little brother and sister. One day it's about their chair, table. Then the next day about where they will sleep, who going to feed them. Ohhhh.. makes mummy stress only. I know he's been the only child for too long huh?

P/S: I am still not preggie based on the test kit.
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