Friday, 12 November 2010

The P Word... Am I?

I wonder.. am I? Since yesterday I felt the symptom, the sign. But I am not going to be excited so early. That's what I told Mr. Fruitheart as well. Both of us were anxious of course.

My tummy doesn't feel good. I had this since yesterday. When I sleep at night I don't fell it and when I woke up I feel want to vomit again. Morning sickness? Gosh, the worse I had was almost seven years ago. Every morning! That is why I wonder, am I?

I had not feel any body pain as when I was going to have my PMS. Only that I am much more tired these days. I hardly did any tough job. Hehe.. make breakfast, laundry.. just the normal stuff. As per the P Tracker, my red flag should be today. However, there's no sign of it. Only pimples near my nose. I have decided to wait for a week. If it's late, then off to the clinic we go.

Hope and pray we get a good news. The expectation from people around me. Especially Mr. Fruitheart. Although he did not mentioned it, but I can feel it. Pressure. I had a son, and he is too mentioned couple of times how he is lonely and wanted a baby boy and baby girl. He also said why are they so late to come out? Son, mummy and daddy are trying very hard ok.

Even my friends in facebook also were SO EXCITED about it. Not direct to the point, but YES they were very good at it and very concern too. Hehe.. This was what I posted early morning today..

I know if God's will, there will be. Amin.

P/S: The P Word = Pregnant
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