Monday, 22 November 2010

Sayang Is For Daddy

While I was enjoying my few minutes with facebook, playing SL my small man came to me. He asked if I have any paper for him to take some orders. He was pretending he is the chef at a restaurant. Hehe.. I told him I don't have any.

So he stand behind the chair I was sitting, and asked again.

My small man: Mom, does daddy has it?
Me: No sayang. Daddy don't have any paper too.
My small man: Eh mama, sayang is for daddy only. I am Syahmie.

Hehe.. yeah he had heard me calling Mr. Fruitheart 'sayang' (honey in English.. err I think). Basically it's the nickname. If I started to call Mr. Fruitheart by his name, then our kids will also start to call that right? Who knows, kids now days are really smart. My small man used to call me Auntie Fara!
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