Monday, 1 November 2010

Still Not Over It

I was surfing my facebook, when I saw a friend of mine updated his status 'My girl still keep her keychain.. that has her ex's name'. There were about fourty-three comments by the time I read it. I believe the number has increased by now. So we can guess, how concerned his friends about it. And I know, his girlfriend would have read it, somehow.

I'm not going to talked about him. Just my two cents point of view and what I felt about it.

I think it's not needed for us to still keep our old stuff with our ex. I mean, how sporting can your partner be when it come to EX? He or she can be the most open minded person, but when they saw something that is cute or adorable or touching and it is still there.. there must be a feeling of envy.. not much.. 1%? Maybe..
It is understandable. For everything. Memories remain, but for how long?

Yes, trust. Move on. Past is past, now you're with me. All said. But still, the little 'green-eyed monster' called envy is there. A reminder to myself, throw all the unwanted stuff if still there.
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