Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Traffic Summons RM300

It is time to pay Mr. Fruitheart's road tax. Due date is on 6th Nov. He paid using MyEG. After two days he was told that he could not renew his road tax because he still has traffic summons. Huh??

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When the person checked, the summon was on 2008! Now is 2010. Does it takes two years for him to know?! There goes RM300. He said the road tax still can be renewed, but for six months only. I thought if we are blacklisted, we can't renew until we pay the summon. There is something fishy going on. RM300 we can go shopping honey. Just when we were about to save, this thing happen.

I went to the website, and can saw this latest updated news: 
*Blacklisted summons are uplifted until 28 February, 2011.
* Traffic offenders with outstanding summonses can now renew their road tax for 6 MONTHS ONLY (This is applicable at JPJ counters as well)

* Users are advised to clear their outstanding summonses to proceed with road tax renewal for 12 months

* All summonses which are cleared before 28 February, 2011 will not be subjected to KEJARA Demerit Points deduction.

Now they also have this PDRM Summons Alert Registration for FREE. Traffic offenders will be informed and reminded if they have any new summons. I believe it is convenient, as we received the notification we will now who was driving and be more alert. Plus, we do not have to wait after two years to pay for it.
'In the event that you are very certain that you were never in the area mentioned in the summons (as you have received the summons early), you may refer to PDRM for a review on the photos taken by paying PDRM a small fee.'
Aha! Making money.
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