Monday, 29 November 2010

What Can I Say.. Kids These Days Are Lucky

It is true isn't it? You want prove, I'll give you one.

My thirteen year old sister, the youngest in the family.. got her first Blackberry. Jealous? Of course I am.. a bit. When I was thirteen they sent me to boarding school. Far from the family, have to survived in the hostel with not-yummy-food, have to washed my own clothes. I am the eldest, so I didn't much get all those sort of gadgets like modern millennium teenagers these days.

That is one of the advantages being the last child, and living in this current millennium century, with all interesting cool gadgets, they easily get one. There's not much of those iPhone, laptop, facebook, twitter in my old days. Yikes! I do feel old now. Eh.. not thirty yet, still young.

As for my younger brother, he will be getting a SWIFT! Not Taylor Swift, the Suzuki Swift car. Blue color. Damn, my first car was only Perodua Kancil.

P/S: I feel like my father is Santa Claus now.
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