Saturday, 4 December 2010

11 Traffic Summonses!

I just checked in MyEG, I have eleven.. 11 traffic simmonses! Hah! This is ridiculous. Oh boy.. there goes my bonus.

It was my dad who had called me earlier and asked for my IC number. He said the police had launched the 50% discount for limited time of two weeks only. Traffic offenders have until February 2011 to pay their summons or they get blacklisted after the date.

After a while he called back and said I got 11.. since 2002! WTH?! Why didn't I get any letter or warning text or alert for that? Six speeding tickets, and five traffic obstruction. Hmm..

Here is what I got from MyEG website:


Effective 1st December 2010, PDRM is offering an incentive on compound rates for all types of traffic summons issued –

1.All summons issued on or before 30th November 2010 :

•A rate reduction from the original compound

2.All summons issued after 30th November 2010 :

•Summons settled within 15 days will be offered a 50% incentive from the original compound
•Summons settled within 16 to 30 days will be offered a 30% incentive from the original compound
•Unsettled summons within the 30 days ARE NOT entitle for an incentive and will be immediately black listed

Okay, now I have to think how to pay all that.. within 85 days from today.
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