Friday, 10 December 2010

Child Abuse Campaign Everywhere

I just knew it only today that facebookers changed their profile pictures to cartoon character to raise awareness of child abuse. Although I have one, but I hardly logged into it these days. So damn busy!

The campaign is quite similar when they had done for breast cancer awareness few months back. We do not know who the first person or the author who started this. It is a good cause for sure. However, some might say like it's going to help end the violence against children. If we did not try, we wouldn't know correct? Facebook is most likely the most influenced social network, where we can get everybody around the globe participated.

In my opinion, all these awareness campaign.. child abuse, breast cancer, road accidents.. you name it.. should not be stopped, should not be put to a limit. People around the globe should be reminded everytime.

In the newspaper today, I read in The Star.. there has been a syndicate luring children to pan for gold in Bau, Sarawak. That is totally unacceptable! Just because they are small, living far away from modernization.. you simply use them and abuse their energy to work for you, some stupid brainless people.

Child abuse, violence against children has to be stopped. I will help with what I have and what I can contribute. Because why.. I have my own child whom I love so much. If I can't help other children, at least I do the best I can to protect my child.

Image credit to unmalawi
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