Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Fever In The Office

Since I am working in a company that supports European country, so I thought of making an entry about Christmas celebration.

It is not Christmas without a Christmas Tree. This is the one which is near my place, at the corner. The boss can see it from her window. And see my head of course hehe.. I wonder what's in all that boxes? Sure it's not my bonus in there.. Haha. 

I don't know what this thing is called. Santa is up high on the ceiling, and there's a bell below. The girl who put this up told me, but I totally forgot.

Aha.. this is the 'Christmas Tree' that all of the employee had decorated. Using green papers, we draw out our own hand prints and cut according to the hand print shape. Then we were instructed to write-in our best and most creative message. There is a prize for the most creative message.

This is another tree, on the other side of the office with a guardian!

Big fat old Santa Claus
There is also prize for the best outfits. RM100 for each man and woman. That is why I bought new outfit. Update the pics later. The theme is Retro and Hawaiian. Should have wear Elf outfit, looks cute.

There will also a gift exchanges even, where they had appointed a Santa Claus among the employee. We just have to wait for the day to come!

A pose from my small man. He wish Malaysia have snow so he can build a snowman. Too much Playhouse Disney I would say.
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