Monday, 6 December 2010

Do It On My Own

After half day on Monday, this is the emotional entry. Yes, I AM COMPLAINING! Who doesn't complaint? Monday, it's not your fault. You just happen to come not on the right time.

There are times you know when you need help, you actually don't get the help you want. Because why.. it does not meet your expectation. The person you're asking is so eager saying yes they can at first, but at the end.. you still feel something is missing.. or not done. At the end you kept telling yourself, 'I SHOULD NOT ASKED IN THE FIRST PLACE'. To make yourself cool, you said to yourself just trying my luck. Or, better than we don't get any help at all.. right?

Of all the things you experienced today.. what do you get for yourself Fara? I get the satisfaction of doing it alone. And the most important thing is.. not going to ask help from you. (whoever you are). Remember someone used to say to you about everyone is different, and not ALL people do things like you? Yes, I do remember it clearly now. Understood.

P/S: The crazy frustration at work. Maybe I should be my own boss huh?
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