Saturday, 4 December 2010

Drug Syndicate Used Facebook To Recruit Girls As 'Drug Mules'

We have heard it many times in the news. Facebook the online social networking with billions of users has been used as platform by international drug syndicate to recruit young woman as 'drug mule'.

Most cases were involved by Nigerians and South Africans. They befriended the victim through Facebook and after that they would offer to pay for 'holidays' overseas. Usually to Japan, China and Latin America. Some would even offer thousands of ringgit in pocket money to spend on the trip. How nice is that? Without the victim knowing that they were mark as potential employee to 'ferry' drug. They would then met someone at a place, where who knows later be caught by the police at other countries. That is scary to me.

How can you possibly fall for that so easy? Why would a person so kind and generous enough to pay for your holiday WITHOUT you doing anything in return? There sure is hidden agenda in that, right?

Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Richard Riot Jaem said, there is a weekly programme on RTM being aired to raise awareness among young people. The programme provided advice on various issues for youth. It is a good thing for us to know and tell our family, friends and loved ones about this.

He also said, 785 of 1560 Malaysians arrested overseas since 1991 were 'drug mules' of which 149 were women. Of those, 70 have been sentenced to death for trafficking of illicit drugs. The latest case was 22-year-old Cristina Luke Niju from Sabah in final semester at a polytechnic in Sarawak who was arrested with 1.4 kg of narcotics in Guangzhou, China last month.
(Source from The Star)

Facebook can be a good thing, and it also can be dangerous. Young people, girls and woman especially.. please be very cautious.
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