Friday, 17 December 2010

Everyday 'SEX'

Sorry, my humble apology if this title offended my readers. Did you all notice everyday when you read the newspaper or watched TV you will come across such title 'SEX'? That three letter word of course attracted readers to read further about the story. Some might as well starting to imagining things.
Picture credit to DIY Father
Some of the news about 'sex' involves children at the early age of two. And even a grandfather of eighty years. Have you read the Star newspaper today? The two most viewed stories are Youngsters’ sex video courts controversy and Conman has sex to ward off ill luck. This story was even worse Shocking ‘girlfriends for pills’ exchange.

How cheap a girl or woman can be?? This is really a shame. :( Much ashamed when it involved 14 to 16 years old boys. Teenagers now days are sure extreme. I'm afraid, yes. Read this More teens taking desperate measures

It is really shocking stories. Parents were blamed, teachers, authorities and even the government. Lack of education? The government proposal to introduce sex education in school is one of the steps to help students understand and educate them about sex. What is right, what is wrong.

I do agree with this:
National Population and Family Develop­ment Board human reproduction division (sexuality sub-unit) head Dr Hamizah Mohd Hassan said the Government should monitor abuse of pornographic materials, those published in the media, posted on the Internet and also at entertainment outlets.

Just my 2 cents thought..
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