Friday, 17 December 2010

Expect The Unexpected

Always expect the unexpected. What to expect actually? Nothing.

We all have them whether we realize or not. Like when we have loads of work, one or two of our work partner is not there. We were left with double joy to complete it.

One minute we are healthy, run here and there. Making jokes with our family then later at night we had trouble sleeping whereby when we woke up tomorrow morning, we had fever. Aha... it is totally unexpected. Could be because we walked when it rained or drink a lot of cold water or the food we ate.

I don't feel OK these few days. Seems things are not the way I want it. Yes, God plans always work, and ours don't. I know that.

What I want actually? *sigh* Tried to become more peaceful with whatever happened in my life currently. Family, work, social life.. everything. Somehow.. there this tiny needle kept on pinching. Ouch!

Here I am writing what's inside. One of those thing I love doing.. write and read. More books? Still reading 'Original Sin' which I thought could finish in two days *grin*.
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