Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 1

I see cobwebs on my blog. I've been away for five days.. errr.. not so long eh? Hehe. Here goes, my entry for my family vacation in Langkawi, Kedah from 24th - 27th Dec 2010.

Woke up at 5.30am Friday morning. Our flight schedule was at 8.30am. My father drove us to the KL International Airport. My small man was really excited. It was his first time ride on the airplane. He had fever too. Poor my small man, he might not have much fun later. I think. We went straight to the self check in kiosk. Managed to print only for my small man's ticket. Both of us had no ticket number on our booking paper.

So, went to the counter and had asked the officer to give us the number. Unfortunately, it was not our ticket number and we were told to go straight to check in counter. It appears to be the ticket number given was for somebody else. *sigh* (First frustration)

There's not so many people queueing, and when it's our turn I have told the lady that the machine says we have checked in. Weird. She managed to print out Mr. Fruitheart's ticket number but not mine. She told us to go and check with the officers in MAS Ticket Office. Waited patiently, the officer checked the booking and waited for half hour. She called again, and told us the issue was.. Enrich redemption point was not enough to buy my ticket. WHAT??!! How could someone booked and not know the points is not enough?? It was already 8am, so we purchased new ticket for RM478! *sigh* (Second frustration)

Our flight schedule was supposed to depart the airport at 9am. We have been told earlier at the counter, our flight was delayed half hour. Before we went to the departure hall, we had light breakfast. Tuna sandwich and mineral water which cost us RM19. Damn expensive!

What could be worse after that? We have to wait for another sixteen passengers which had their flight delayed. They came from Paris.. ooh la la. So our flight actually took off at 10am. *sigh* (Third frustration)

Touched down at 1050am. We had our car already waiting at the entrance. Sorry for being late. We rent a Viva, four days for RM300. It took us 10 minutes to reached the hotel. The check in time was at 2pm, so we went to Kuah for lunch. We had KFC. Then went back to the hotel.

The room was OK. But the swimming pool was not OK, looks like a green swamp where crocodiles lived. Creepy. However, both my boys had their bath there in the cold water.

The 'green swamp' swimming pool
Dinner at Hj Jelani Tomyam. We called it 'kedai awek abang'. There were lots of 'guys wanna be girls', you know what I mean. One even smiled at my small man, and oh boy he was so shy. He doesn't know yet to differentiate 'guys wanna be girls' type of people. We chose the table near the beach so we can see few people para sailing. Food was OK.

Later we had a walk near the shops and stalls by the road side. It was like visiting Batu Ferringi in Penang. Lots of t-shirst, pants, hat and foods too. Bought a Ben 10 flip flop for my small man. One hour waling, we decided to go back. Tomorrow we hope it's going to be a great day, after all the frustrations we had on the half day of the vacation.
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