Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 2

Folks, we have entered day two of Fruitheart's Family vacation. Get ready for the reading journey?

We had breakfast at 9am. Food was not OK. But we ate it anyway. Our first stop, Underwater World. As usual saw fishes, penguins, snakes and lots of other animals. We've been to Aquaria, KLCC. So it is not much of a different.

His small face!
Next stop, Oriental Village. Mr. Fruitheart planned to ride the cable car. Oh no! I am not going to ride it, no way. I'd rather stay foot where I am standing on the ground, thank you. Anyway, there a lots of people. Very crowded. Plus, it is Christmas. So we walked around it and took some pictures. There were lots of shops selling sun glasses, t-shirts, pants and souvenirs. Nothing much exciting there.

With his new Ben 10 cap

Took turn for pictures
Next we went to Seven Wells. But no we did not climb up. I am not the adventures type of person, hate those activities of jungle trekking, mountain climbing and all in the list. Hehe.. we passed by the signboard only. Stopped by Kok Beach, where we can see two three small island and few yatch. How we wish one day we could have one of those. Nice!

Later we went to Black Sand Beach. Not interesting. On the surface only the sand you can see the black sand. If you dig deep down, it's not black. There was a history for that, yeah google it.

Next stop, Hot Spring. They had some renovation and improve the facilities. From the outside we can see that they had added small building for jacuzzi. The water is warm. In the water I can see mud and algae. Not well maintained. Heard that sometime ago, people can bath there. But looking at the water, no I wouldn't let my leg in there.
Then we drove off to Kuah, as it was already past 12pm. All three of us hungry already. Before we had lunch at the nearest restaurant near Jetty Point, we bought chocolate. Spent hundreds for it. Hehe.. What to do, it's cheap and we are all chocolate lovers. I myself bought I box of Ferrero Rocher. Yummy!

After lunch, we went to Dataran Lang. It is where they put the huge eagle statue.

He's like a bird, trying to fly away
It was sure hot and sunny day. Went to Big Apple Donut and Starbucks to cool off. Then we went to the Royal Langkawi Yatch Club. More pictures!

He told us he wants a boat
Just the three of us
Beach time! My boy's favourite. Spent two hours there, and we had our first time jet ski ride. Wohoo! Awesome. But unfortunately, we had not took any pictures. My small man felt dizzy riding it, so we had to dropped him off after 15 minutes. We had fun, oh yes we did!

After beach, tanned and back to hotel for shower.. we went to 'Telaga Arabic' for some western food. food was disappointing. We both had chicken chop, and asked for BBQ sauce. Instead they gave us, don't-know-what-sauce. *sigh* Plus, expensive too and suddenly blackout!. I know, we had chose the wrong place to eat.

After dinner, we booked our island hoping trip. We thought of going snorkeling, but since my small man still had his fever and it's EXPENSIVE, RM180 per person.. forget it. Adventures begin tomorrow.
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