Thursday, 30 December 2010

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 3

Bored of my stories? Not yet? Good! We will continue then.

As we will be going for our island hoping today, we woke up as early as 7am. We don't want to miss the boat later on. After we had breakfast, we waited at the reception at 845am. Minutes went by, nobody picked us up yet. Saw a guy stopped his van by the road side, and thought it was our call.. sadly no. So we waited. It's 10 minutes pass 9am, and we looked at each other. Getting angry with this arrangement.

Mr. Fruitheart had called the agent and was told the van was full and they had to do second trip. OK, we waited until 930am then only we saw our van coming. Guess what? It was the earlier van who stopped by the road side. It was not even full! Not a good start, I tell you. (Fourth frustration)

10 mins drive to the place where our boat already waiting for us. Saw lots of other boats, and lots of other passengers too. Our boat number KLW00736P. There were 14 of us. We sat in front because we were the last one to arrived.
First stop, 'Pulau Dayang Bunting' - Island of the Pregnant Maiden. Saw lots of people going up and some already leaving the jetty. Few boats waiting few meters away. We were given one hour. Lots of monkeys near the jetty, and as I was carrying plastic bag, one tried to snatched it from me. Yes, I had food with me. We had to walked up, climb down stairs. Oh my legs aching. Inside the island, there's a lake where we can swim. Since, we don't bring our life jacket we don't dare to because it was 10ft to 15ft deep. So, after few minutes there we decided to walked back to the jetty and stayed inside the boat.

Cried because he could not swim
There was a long queue and people earlier than us were already waiting. People keep coming up but less going down. It was really disappointing, frustrating when we had to queue in the hot sun, sweating, people stepped on our foot and the boat was nowhere to be seen.

People pushing to stay under the roof

Long queue, and it was SO HOT

We had to wait for an hour there under the hot sun. Both my small man and Mr. Fruitheart were already sweating and I had headache. *sigh* (Fifth frustration)
No one seem to manage or arrange the crowd. Chaotic! Later after some people had complained, I think.. a tourist officer stepped in front and had asked people to stopped going up and let others went into the boat. Finally!
This is what happened, the boatman had been asked to go back to the beach and picked more passengers. The first trip passengers had already waited, and because the boatman was behind schedule, the second trip passengers also already waiting. It was like every hour they kept picking people, and not 2 times trip a day like the agent told us. This is sure one bad and frustrating experienced. We were really pissed off to the max.

Plus, since the boat had not enough fuel, he stopped in the middle of the ocean where another boat was there and fill in the fuel. That is totally CRAZY! There was no safety measures at all.

After all the incidents, we stopped at 'Pulau Singa Besar'. It's a place where we can see eagles. Lots of it. After 10mins, we stopped at 'Pulau Beras Basah'. It was already 1230pm, and some of us need to check out. So, there was a clash since some wanted to stay there and some needed to go back. The boatman had told us he will not be responsible and will not allow if some wanted to stay and some wanted to go back. If stay, all must stay. He was the one who late and behind schedule, now we had to changed everything. He didn't even said SORRY!

So, it has been decided we go back. He dropped us at the jetty which was not the point they picked us up. Saw the man who had picked us earlier at the hotel. Thought he was ready for us, but no! He told us, there will be another van. We had to wait for 20mins. *sigh* (Sixth frustration)

Later, before lunch I went to the shop where we booked for the island hoping and asked for refund. I got back my RM30! I told them everything. The agent did called the person in charge, and she told them that we don't want to get down from the boat at the last place. Eh hello!! Your boatman was behind schedule, and he said he did not promised if it took more than one hour, you expect us to wait for another hour there? Ridiculous! She didn't even mentioned that THEY were late, instead blaming us. Huh!! I took her name. I wanted to make a report to the tourism department.
We are so stressed!

The Island of King, Queen and Prince
Spent two hours at the beach. Really tanned. Hehe.. Made sand castle, as per above picture. Really had fun.

Buried him in the sand
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