Monday, 20 December 2010

Give Away Domain – Sumijelly & Sekilass

After sometimes only I managed to join this contest by my fellow blogger sumijelly and her sister sekilass. Double S! Hehe..Joining this contest for fun. I think this is the second contest I have joined so far.

Why I want to join? I want to win the mystery gift. If I said that would be ok right Sumi? Hehe.. Although I know winner is chosen based on lucky draw. I don't have the luck with lucky draw ever. Joining a contest is fun. If I don't win any also I am OK with that. The more the merrier right?

The contest begins from 4th December 2010 till 4th January 2011. The reult will beout on 10th January 2011.

Prizes as per below:

First: New domain or renew + 20 pieces of FOOT DETOX
Second: New domain or renew + 16 pieces FOOT DETOX
Third: New domain or renew + 8 pieces FOOT DETOX
Consolation prize 1 : 4 x McD Voucher worth RM10.00 + 6 pieces FOOT DETOX
Consolation prize 2 : 3 x DrinKlip worth RM10.00 + 6 pieces FOOT DETOX
OK, now I have to tag three people. Haaa.. who la am I suppose to tag? Feels like facebook all of a sudden. Will begin my search now.

So, if you want to join this contest please feel free to go to their website:

Sumijelly Give-away-domain
Sekilass Give-away-domain
Good luck! And to me as well.

Updated at 1:15PM. Haha.. sorry I didn't know how to tag people. Was busy searching how to do it. Now I know how. So I have found bloggers that I follow and tagged them:

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