Wednesday, 1 December 2010

iPad Madness

As you already know, iPad the most talked gadget in town has finally arrived in Malaysia. Early morning I read the newspaper, people queue as early as 8am in front of the store just to get the thing. It's like when they launched the iPhone 4. Oh talking about that, my Mr. Fruitheart had his iPhone 4 a week ago.

He had his eye on the iPad now. He's a gadget freak haha.. But no honey dear, you can't have it now. Maybe Santa Claus is real he could give it to you as presents this year honey.

KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of buyers queued up for hours for the launch of the Apple iPad at the Mid Valley Megamall yesterday.

They arrived as early as 8am before the official launch at 10am, so as to be among the first to buy the tablet in Malaysia.

The iPad is designed to browse the web, read email, listen to music, browse photo albums, watch videos and read eBooks.

Even a broken leg person also did not stopped him to buy the iPad. This is what we called, iPad madness, iPad mania.. which ever you feel best.

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite having a broken leg, property management director Eric Wong, 52, discharged himself from hospital and made his way to the launch of Apple’s latest iPad at Mid Valley Megamall to get hold of the product.

“As soon as I read that the iPad was going to be launched for the first time in Malaysia, I could not contain my excitement. I called my wife and daughter, and asked them to pick me up. Now I can read The Star newspaper on the iPad every morning,” said Wong excitedly.

Both story taken from The Star online.

Picture from The Star
All I know Mr. Fruitheart hates to wait for long queue. But maybe because of the iPad, he is willing to do so? Hehe.. we never know.
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