Monday, 20 December 2010

It Is Going To School For My Small Man

The 'Back To School' season has already started on the first few weeks of school holidays. Plus, it is altogether with the Year End Sale. Shopping! Yeah!We had told our small man that he will only be getting his stuff his school stuff few weeks before school starts. He was OK with it.

12 years ago, it was my my parents who bought me my school stuff. Now it is my turn. Owh how time really flies fast. It feels like yesterday I was sitting for UPSR. Now my small man's turn to enter the big boys school. I know I will cry. Haha.. for sure! Like the first day he went to kindergarten. He even said, 'Mom go home. I will be OK.' At that time I know my baby is no longer a baby.

On Saturday we went to JJ AU to buy his school clothes. It was not so crowded. As usual, not easy to look for his trousers. We always had problems looking for the right waist size for him. He wanted a BEN 10 shoes (yeah boys, if girls they would definitely wants Barbie). No size also. All the smaller sizes were already finished few weeks earlier. We have told him, next time.. (next year of course) we will buy him the shoe he wants. But then if he still likes BEN 10.

Waiting for the sales boy to look for his size
The only thing missing is his 'baju melayu' and red 'samping'. That one too already finished and the stock will arrived next week but not confirmed. Yeah, I know we should have bought it early.

So yesterday we went to another JJ at Bukit Raja Klang and yes, found it. Phew! We spent for all the stuff, clothes, shoes, stationary around RM400. There are no cheap things now days.

All his stuff were inside the bag. He looks like Ninja Turtle!
The next thing we have to buy is his study table. Maybe after we are back from our family holiday this week then we will go search for one. A holiday before he starts school and us after our hard work.
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