Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Eleven Personal Commandments

This would not be my new year resolution. Something that I set for myself, at the age of 30. Yes, I know I am getting there.

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I don't remember all my 2010 resolution, only this saving hard for my wedding. Accomplished that. If I have 2011 resolution, will definitely put it here in my blog.

So here I am doing something else. I came up with this when I was reading an article in Yahoo. About new year resolution. Instead of listing your resolution which sometimes you might not follow, why not make this list?

My Eleven Personal Commandments

Be thankful
With what I have and all that I have been given. Be it something that I was not supposed to have, or I have to have it because it could be something valuable later.

Pray harder
I know at times, I did not fully follow it. Life is short, you know it.

Keep trying
I give up when I am tired of trying and think negatively like 'What's the point trying when you know how the result going to be?' The way I work it out is by doing something else. And let the thing I want to do, just lay there.

Don't sweat the small stuff
My weakness. I tend to be grumpy at times when things even the smallest one did not go my way or the way I want it. That's it, you'll see my-not-satisfied-face or my worse attitude. Silent.

Take care of your body
I know I should take care of my own body. Nobody will do it for me. Sometimes, I forced myself to the max. In every way. It has to stop. Your body needs you more.

Do what you love
I love reading. Find time to read, yeah.. 10 minutes before sleep? Can be for a start.

Listen.Laugh.Love.Let go
Listen to your heart. Laugh to keep you happy, don't stressed out yourself for something that is not worth it, like your WORK. Love yourself more. Let go if things are not meant to be, and let go of the past.

Balance in life
Do I have balance in life? I believe so. But I have to improve. Especially, my time with family.

Don't over do. Don't do more, don't do less
In everything. Especially work. My God! I am too dedicated to it sometimes.

Don't skip your meal
I always do that. Skip my meals, especially lunch. I feel sorry for my tummy. I know, some of my friends would say.. 'No wonder you're so skinny'. Hehe..

Be Fara
I am what I am. I must accept myself, strengths and weaknesses both. I must also accept everyone around me. Remember, there are no other person like you. Everyone in this world is unique. Another person might not do the work like you, might not think like you, walk like you, or like what you love, and some people might hate what you like most.. they're just they way they are.
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