Monday, 13 December 2010

My Last Wedding Gift

It has been eighty days I am married to Mr. Fruitheart. It was like counting down to our wedding day. Hehe.. How's my life now? Happy I would say. Although sometimes tired and angry and I feel like screaming to both of them.

This story was during weekend. I was supposed to watch Narnia on Sunday, instead I mistakenly looked at the date and thought it was Saturday. Silly me. Ended up I called my friend, Suneeta and had girls day out with her. Mr. Fruitheart and my small man? I asked them to go home. Mummy's turn to go out. Actually it was the first time I went out with my girlfriend since I am married. I know I could not do this activity often like I used to do when I am single.

We watched Social Network. The movie about facebook creator Mark Zukerberg. For me it was OK, since I don;t quite understand it.

After the movie we went for refreshments at Starbucks. Then we headed to Parkson to buy my wedding gift. My last wedding gift! She had asked me what are the things on my wish list that I had not received? I said bed sheet. And she did had looked at my list and said not too the expensive please hehe.. I was afraid that I might asked the expensive one. Jean Perry! So.. here is what I got for my last wedding gift..

Thank you so much Cik Suneeta!
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